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Fit is Gift)—Brandon Carter Workout. Trainer, nutritionist, fitness model, and author Brandon Carter is well-known in his field. A large number of people now follow him across multiple social media sites. He also serves as CEO of his own supplement company at present.

Brandon not only motivates a lot of people to start working out because he has a great body but also because he is an inspiration to look up to.

He has also modeled for some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, like Puma, Nike, Adidas and, Men’s Health.

Let’s delve deeply into Brandon Carter’s exercise and nutrition plan, the foundation of his attractive figure.

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Training Philosophy of Brandon Carter Workout

Brandon Carter’s workout routine consists of cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting. It helps him to gain and keep his muscle mass while allowing him to maintain a trim and muscular figure.

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Brandon Carter uses more than just barbells and dumbbells in his weight training program. He also uses kettlebells and TRX equipment to keep his muscles challenged.

Training Schedule for Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter has never wavered from his routine in the gym. This is how he maintains his year-round ripped and muscular figure.

  • Full-body workouts are a staple of Brandon Carter’s training regimen. He prefers to rely on something other than the conventional bro-split, in which he only exercises each muscle group once per week.
  • Brandon exercises every major muscle group at every session. A full-body workout, he says, is the only way to get results.
  • Brandon also uses a variety of training methods in his routine. His workout routine includes more than just weight lifting and cardio; it also contains calisthenics and TRX activities.
  • Brandon Carter has always included bodyweight movements like pushups, pullups, chin-ups, triceps dips, and handstand pushups in his regimen. In addition to helping promote hypertrophy, he argues that performing these workouts improves core strength and stability.

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Brandon Carter’s Full Body Workout Includes all of the following:

  1. The Squat with a Barbell
  2. Using an Inclined Kettlebell Swing, Squats and Deadlifts
  3. Inverted rows with a barbell
  4. Inverted Pushups
  5. Presses to the Ceiling
  6. Lat Pulldowns
  7. Curls on the TRX
  8. TRX Bone Breakers
  9. Calisthenics Combat Training Ropes
  10. Punching Bag HIIT Cardio
Brandon Carter Workout
Brandon Carter Workout

Emphasis on Compound Movements in Brandon Carter’s Workouts:

You’ve probably noticed that Brandon Carter’s workouts focus more on compound movements. This is because the execution of those exercises simultaneously targets and promotes strength and hypertrophy development in various muscle groups.

Brandon Carter’s Holistic Approach and HIIT Cardio

Brandon relies on more than just various ab exercises when training his ripped and sculpted abdominals. First, he takes care to maintain a flat and toned stomach. And HIIT cardio helps him achieve that goal.

Constant Variation for Motivation

Brandon constantly varies his routines to prevent boredom and maintain motivation. He achieves this by rearranging the order in which he performs his exercises or introducing new activities.

Brandon also does the workouts but varies the number of times he does each set. He does 3-8 reps on some exercises (especially the complex ones) and 8-15 reps on others.

The Brandon Carter Eating Strategy

Brandon can’t rely on a rigorous exercise routine; he also needs to ensure he’s getting enough healthy food. That’s why his diet is so focused on health and nutrition.

Brandon Carter’s Nutrient-Rich Diet Plan

The healthy, high-calorie, and nutrient-rich foods make up the bulk of Brandon Carter’s diet plan. It helps him build muscle and recover faster, and the gives him the stamina to power through his workouts.

Ketogenic Diet (K2)

Brandon Carter is now using a ketogenic diet. The fat content is higher, the protein content is moderate, and the carbohydrate content is low.

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Boosting Satiety and Energy

Brandon’s eating plan shifts the body’s focus away from carbohydrates and toward fat for fuel. His diet, which is relatively high in fat, helps him feel full and satisfied for longer.

Brandon Carter’s 75-20-5 Diet Approach

Brandon places a premium on his macronutrient split to get the most out of his diet. His diet’s fat, protein, and carbohydrate percentages remain constant at 75%, 20%, and 5%, respectively.

Brandon Carter Daily Menu

Daily, Brandon eats between four and five meals. Brandon Carter’s daily menu is detailed below.

Meal # 1:

6 Eggs and Oatmeal

Meal # 2:

Protein shake for the second meal

Meal # 3:

Five pieces of bacon.
Spinach, about two handfuls

Meal # 4:

Mixed Greens
His Favorite Meat

Brandon consumes minimal carbohydrates daily, allowing him to keep his lean and muscular figure. He also watches his carb intake to ensure he gets only the good stuff daily.

All day long, Brandon makes sure to drink plenty of water. He achieves this by regularly consuming sufficient quantities of water and other fluids.

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Supplements Used By Brandon Carter

Brandon’s lean and chiseled figure tells us he takes his diet and exercise regimen seriously. He takes a few supplements to ensure his body is getting what it needs.

The following are all items in Brandon Carter’s supplement arsenal:

  • Multivitamins,
  • Glutamine,
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs),
  • Whey Protein Powder

The aforementioned nutritional supplements aid muscle repair. In turn, this helps to bulk up and get stronger.

These supplements are also helpful in obtaining nutrients that can be hard to get through entire foods.

Bottom Line:

Brandon’s perfect physique is an inspiration to all. One must, however, check that the targets are achievable.

Brandon’s well-known body required considerable time and effort to develop. You’ll need the same dedication and self-control he showed to achieve his fitness level.

We can all learn from Brandon’s perseverance and determination in adversity. If we were to mimic their actions, we would undoubtedly achieve our goals.


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